Why I Haven’t Blogged In Two Weeks/Cute Baby Pictures.

(NOTE: Sorry for the crazy formatting in this post. >.< I’m still trying to figure out this WordPress business. Bear with me.)

Ahoy, maties! Apologies for the lengthy inter-post silences… It’s winter, for starters, but blame assignment is manyfold. I usually survive these dark winter months only through an extensive amount of list-making (and obsessive bathroom-cleaning, and spontaneous linen-closet-organizing-at-11-pm-while-in-the-middle-of-brushing-my-teeth-ing)  and, thus, have found that I am apparently only able to start this blog post by making an outline about why it seems to be impossible for me to blog at all. So, behold. An outline. Which is a glorious, neatly categorized form of list. 

Really quickly, though, here are a couple of cute baby pictures, just to keep you here before you run away at the sight of an outline. There are also more AFTER the outline. Those ones can be your incentive for wading through it.



part 1


Part 3

Part 4

III. I Finally Adjusted to East Coast Time and Now Pass Out In Bed At Like 9:30 Which Means That My Blogging Hours Are Severely Limited. (It’s amazing how much you can get written and edited when you’ve been at it from 9pm-3am. But I must be getting old because I can NOT do it anymore. It’s physically impossible. I HAVE TO SLEEP.)

THE END! There. WHEW. I feel sooooo much better. Remember how I said I survive January every year by writing lists? Yeah. That’s because they’re wonderful. Especially a good outline. Nothing takes the chaos and mess and frayed edges of life and sorts them into bite-sized, tackle-able, checklisty splendor like a good, solid outline. It’s like a spa for my mind. You should try it sometime.

Anyway, that’s why I suck at blogging in January. Luckily, it will be February in exactly eleven minutes, so: here’s to more delicious Nookery in the weeks and months to come!

Oh, and here are the cute baby pictures I promised you. They are all of Max and C-Bit hanging out together, because they do that and they are awesome and also because of the entirety of Section I above. Enjoy.


Touching Baby C’s head. It’s seriously a reflex for him. He sees it – or senses it – he touches it.


C: “I appreciate the brotherly affection and all, but must it *always* involve boogers in my hair?”


Bitty and her posse.


Blanket Buddies





See? Reflex.







Yep. Pretty good team, these two. There could be worse people with whom to be locked in a small house for three months.


Anyhoo. I’m signing off for tonight. Thanks for hanging with me through all of this hibernation business. Chocolate tastes way better than raw seal blubber, anyway.


  1. marianne myers says:

    You addressed my problem for me: Hibernation! Cold, dark and snow. That is why I am in my pajamas by 5 pm and ready for bed by 8pm. I feel some measure of guilt for my lack of productivity but it seems that Hibernation is the answer to my problem!


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